Crypto Capys

They escaped from the tropical plains of South America (1 Crypto Capy was lost along the way and the herd is still looking for him). They fled to the Cyberspace in search of a safer habitat to live in and resources to save their homeland.

That's why they decided to put themselves up for adoption: to reach their goals, tell their story and make their owners happy because, come on, everyone knows that Capybaras are so adorable and fun to be with.

Do you want one? Adopt them and be part of this movement! There are 4,600 stories to discover (for now... By the way, has anyone seen the #LostCryptoCapy?).

The pre-sale of Crypto Capys will be on December 15, 2021 at a price of 0.3 Solana per Capy. Want to know more? Join our Discord!

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Get to know the Capys

Capys come from the real world, fleeing the destruction of their habitat. They found in the Cyberspace a safe place to grow and take on new identities.

Capys are original, adorable, eco-friendly and very affectionate (they are the souls of NFTs parties). They have a spirit that wants to rock the world and make it a better place for everyone.

In that sense, they want to teach more people about cryptocurrencies, in a way that is simple and easy to understand. They are also concerned that children and vulnerable people have access to education in digital skills (they are working to be able to contribute in this aspect as well). the Capys want to be a real brand in the world: they aim to become a symbol of cryptocurrency usage and financial freedom in South America.

Also, each Capy is made from more than 320 unique attributes ranging from (see the image)


All attributes are handmade, which allows for endless combinations that take Capys to a higher level of uniqueness.

And if that wasn't enough, there are about 55 Capys with unique attributes inspired by famous characters from pop culture: singers, actors, superheroes, villains, characters from series, movies, anime, video games and many more. They also say that the Lost Capy is the rarest of all, and that he is waiting for the perfect moment to be discovered by his ideal partner (have you seen him around?).

Anyway, the Capys are here to stay with you and change the world. Will you join the movement? There are 4,600 waiting for you.


There are 4,600 Capys, (plus one Lost Capy to be found). Everyone will get to have a Crypto Capy.

0.3 sol

Each will be priced at 0.3 solanas at launch.


Each Capy includes trading rights as long as you keep it in your wallet.


Benefits and rewards for our community.

Future for Capys

capybara robot

1. After having sold 100% of the Crypto Capys, the Senior Capy will start working on the companion collection (because Capys didn't come alone to Cyberspace *wink, wink*). Of course, the original holders will have priority over all others.

2. Capys are friendly creatures that help each other. Therefore, we want to do the same with our community. Every month we will give 50% of the resales of Crypto Capys to the community, through promotions and prizes. These will be chosen by all members through voting. So you can be sure that Crypto Capys are not just another .jpg in your life.

3. At CryptoCapys we want to be a real company. That is why we envision founding the first digital platform for Cryptocurrency and personal finance education associated with an NFT collection. We dream of democratizing the access to information about Cryptocurrencies so everyone can enjoy its great benefits.

capybara robot

Road map

10% Capy NFTs sold

10 NFTs giveaway to those who bought before the milestone was reached.

20% Capy NFTs sold

5 video console giveaways (PS5 or Nintendo Switch) to those who bought before the milestone was reached.

35% Capy NFTs sold

$20k charity donation to an NGO for wildlife preservation in the Amazon basin.

50% Capy NFTs sold

- Crypto Capys company registration.
- Creation and publication of a fully-illustrated Crypto Capy educational book for children explaining the topics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies in an accessible manner.

65% Capy NFTs sold

- Crypto Capy figures teaser (real physical mini statuettes).
- Announcement of The Capyshop web store where you will be able to purchase merch such as Capy figures, plushies, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, shirts and hoodies.
- We’ll be also looking to make collaborations with different nft artists to make unique Capy fan art.

80% Capy NFTs sold

- 20k donation to different charities paying for education or sports of children from poor families in South America.
- Creation of the Capybara Charity Fund (one third of the NFT resales’ 5% royalty goes into the fund).

100% Capy NFTs sold

- Development of a friendly, interactive online educational platform for all ages, where you will be able to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and personal finance. With continuous support and development.
- Reveal of the Lost Capy.
- Teaser of the companion collection of the Capys.

The team behind Capys

team member

Big Capy

He is the founder of the project and the genius artist behind Capys. He has been in Cryptospace for more than two years and believes that Crypto Capys will revolutionize the NFT ecosystem. Before entering this world, he designed and illustrated many projects, specializing in UX. He is a fan of stories and films.

team LÑOmember


Our marketing specialist and advisor of Crypto Capys,Tony, has successfully coordinated and promoted launches of projects on smart contract based blockchains. Besides the cryptocurrency related skills, he is experienced in the fields of math modeling, financial management and digital marketing. These skills will help to ensure an outstanding launch as well as the long-term sustainability of the project.

team member


Luc, our developer, has been developing smart contracts and DApps before settling into NFTs. He is also a cybersecurity engineer. Due to his knowledge, we'll not only receive quality contracts, but also useful insights about our projects overall security.

team member


She is the brand manager and content writer behind the Capys’ stories. She is passionate about copywriting and love brands, and she’s confident that Crypto Capys will become one. She has been trained and worked for more than 5 years in writing and creating digital content. She loves Capys because she lives near one of their main habitats and dreams of helping them save their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for "non-fungible token." An NFT is basically a piece of data stored on the blockchain, and this data can be owned by someone. In case of Crypto Capys it represents a piece of digital art.

Capys=Short for Capybaras. Capybara is the biggest rodent in the world, it inhabits dense forests and savannas of South America and enjoys swimming We decided that our NFTs will represent these cute animals as we believe they deserve more attention in digital art! South American countries are leading the charge in cryptocurrency adoption, so designing a Solana NFT collection focused on such an iconic animal native to that continent was a great opportunity to support their cause.

There will be 4,600 NFTs available: small percentage based on pop culture, history, sports, show business, anime characters and personalities. The rest will be algorithmically generated using a huge variety of distinct art assets for 9 image layers.

At launch you will be able to purchase Crypto Capys directly on our website with Sol cryptocurrency. We're planning to be listed on Solanart and Digital Eyes marketplaces by the time of launch.

We recommend Phantom wallet. Click on the NFT tab in your wallet and you'll see your Crypto Capy!

5% royalties will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future development.

Crypto Capys team members have vast experience in cryptocurrency trading as well as developing/managing projects on various blockchains. We've known each other for a while and have previously worked together. Our artist is from Peru, he loves capybaras! Lead developer is from France, and members responsible for communication and marketing are from various European countries.

If you have more questions, join our Discord server NOW!